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Luke 21:27-28 "Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift your heads, because your redemption draws near."

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Welcome! to the Bible Prophecy WebRing. This ring was created in February '99 to provide a linking of Web sites dedicated to Pre-Millennial Bible Prophecy.

We are NOT accepting new members at this time.

What is a web ring?

A web ring is an easy-to-navigate chain of linked sites. Each site is linked to the next in an unbroken ring. No matter where you start you will eventually be able to make your way around all the sites and end up back at the beginning.

A ring helps visitors locate sites of particular interest. In this case it is Bible Prophecy. Likewise, a ring helps site owners attract more visitors.

Through navigation links found on a member's page, visitors can travel all or any of the sites in a ring. They can move through a ring in either direction, going to the next or previous site, or listing the next five sites in the ring. They can jump to a random site in the ring, or survey all the sites that make up the ring.

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Why Join A WebRing?

The advantages of joining our Bible Prophecy WebRing are:

You will increase the number of "hits" to your Web Page!

You will belong to a WebRing of members all with like content on their Web Sites.

Your Web Site will have a detailed listing on the WebRing with description, keywords, etc.

All WebRing Sites are reviewed for content by the RingMaster before they are added to the ring.

And it's Free!

Who Can Join?

Anyone who has a Website containing studies, news articles, information or materials related to Pre-Millennial Bible Prophecy, provided their sites meet our guidelines and do not conflict with our statement of faith.

You must have an already established web site. If you are just thinking of creating one or are uncertain about how to add HTML code to your page then you are not ready to join yet. You don't need to understand how the linking code works to join the ring, but you must be able to add the code to your page and perform some simple changes on it.

How To Join?

Step 1

Read the guidelines and make sure your site meets our qualifications.

Step 2


Download the following THREE graphics to your hard drive, then upload them to you site. If you do not know how to do this, just right click with your mouse on each of the images, then click on "Save Image As". After saving the images, you upload them to the same server that hosts your web site. DO NOT LINK TO THE IMAGES ON THIS PAGE! Upload them to your site.

Step 3

Click the view button below and fill out the form to submit your site to the Ring:

After you have submitted your site, you will receive an auto-generated e-mail stating that your site has been added to the queue and containing the following:

* Your site number which is also your ID #.

* Your password.

* Your personalized HTML fragment for your site which you can copy and paste onto your page. Or there is a URL in the e-mail where you can copy it from the Web.

If you should have problems with following the form, you can e-mail me with the required information at and I will personally add you to the queue.

NOTE: The page that you list on the form should be the page that contains the ring code (HTML fragment). If you list your main page and then put the ring on another page, you MUST provide a link that is clearly marked - WEBRINGS CLICK HERE. This way when someone is riding the ring they do not have to grope all around trying to find the ring. We all want our sites to be viewed by visitors and we want the webrings to work successfully.

Press the view button below to see what the HTMLfragment's graphic will look like on your page. If you would like to have the ring graphics look like they do at the bottom of this page, contact me and I will explain how to make the changes.

Step 4

E-mail me at after you have uploaded the graphics, submitted your site and added the HTML fragment to your page and let me know you have completed these steps. I will then review your page and add your page to the ring.

Please add the HTML fragment to your page as soon as possible. Because I have found that most people joining a webring add the fragment in a day or so, I have chosen to allow sites to remain in the queue for 1 week only. Please note that you will be automatically deleted from the queue in 7 days if I have not reviewed your site, found the HTML fragment and officially added you to the webring.

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