The Island of Tinos is located in the Aegean Sea, due east of Athens and close to the neighbouring islands of Andros and Mikonos. Tinos has a remarkable heritage in the form of a large number of Windmills. Although this heritage no longer has its place in the economic activity of the island today, it nevertheless contributes greatly to the cultural identity of the island.

Tinos Harbour

The Tenian organisation "Friends of Nature" therefore, proposed a project to conserve the mills and to find new uses for them in a context of sustainable development. The organisation then proposed this to the EU, within the context of "The European Network of Volunteers for the Environment and Heritage" which is run by "The Grouping of European Campuses" from Avignon, France. The EU then granted the funding for the project to go ahead.

The three volunteers who are participating in the project will enact an analysis of the territory in order to establish the exact location and present state of all the mills. With this information they will produce a report and a location map, accompanied by photos, drawings/plans, and a description of the characteristics particular to each mill. This information will exist both in printed and computer form, some of which will be published on the Internet.

The volunteers research, which is presented primarily through their in-depth Final Report, will help Friends of Nature, in the future, to formulate proposals for the rehabilitation (Restoring the Mechanism and wooden parts, structural reinforcement etc.) of the mills selected for development. This rehabilitation action can start when the neccessary funding from Europe has been attained.

The project will last 6 months from February to August 2000. 1