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Expressing Purpose

Give me a hand so that I could understand.

Salma went to the shop. She wanted to buy some sugar.

Why did Salma go to the shop?|
What was her intention?|
What was her goal?|
What was her aim?|
What was her objective?|
What was her purpose?|
What was her point?|

    To buy some sugar.

Salma went to the shop(. She wanted) to buy some sugar.

We can say the same thing in many ways

to... / in order to ... / so as to ...

Expressing purpose in English, then is not too much demanding. The basic tools you need for the accomplishment of the task are mostly no more than these:
in order to|
so as to|

+       bare infinitive


And they are interchangeable; which means that the three of them can replace each other in all sentences.

These tools are also used initially:

All these structures are formal and explicit.


In the negative form, the "not" is simply placed before the particle "to"

so that... / in order that ...

Other structures are also used to express purpose but with modal auxiliary verbs.
so that|
in order that|

+ subject + modal + bare infinitive



Practice with meaning

Mach the numbers with the letters to make meaningful sentences
1. She turned off the radio so as toa. I could speak to the manger.
2. They didnít want to go to bed so as not tob. get fatter than she is now.
3. She stops eating chocolate in order not toc. hear what her mother was saying.
4. I donít want to leave the office early so thatd. I wouldnít go to see the police.
5. They kept me inside in order thate. miss the midnight movie

Write Down the complete sentences


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