Expressing Cause & Effect

There are many ways to express cause and effect relationships. Take this for example

He didn't come because he wasn't invited.
Since he wasn't invited, he didn't come.

The cause of his absence is that he was not invited

He was not invited. So, the effect or the result of this is that "he didn't come". If he had been invited he would have come. But he was not invited, consequently he didn't come.

Free examples

  1. She didn't attend the meeting since she was not interested.
  2. I'm glad the children are out, for I have got a lot of work to do at home.
  3. She didn't tell the police because of fear.
  4. Owing to his carelessness, the man had an accident.
  5. I'm sorry for being late.
  6. Thanks for your attention.
  7. He went to hospital because he was not feeling well.

    * Now, pay attention to the following structures:

    1. _____________________
      • The cause of failure is laziness.
      • One reason for failure is laziness.
    2. __________________________
      • Failure is caused by laziness.
      • Successive failures are due to carelessness.
    3. ________________________________
      • The effect of laziness is failure.
      • The consequence of laziness is failure.
      • The result of laziness is failure.
      • One effect/consequence/result of laziness is failure.
    4. _______________________________________
      • He is lazy. Because of this, he fails.
      • She is hardworking. So, she succeeds.
      • He wasted his time. Consequently he didn't succeed in his exams.
      • She works hard. Therefore, she always succeeds.
      • She works hard. As a result, she always gets good marks.
      • He never revises his lessons. As a consequence, the teacher always punishes him.

    Explaining & Justifying